You own an instrument, a bow, and you would like to know who made it, where and at what period.

What condition is it in ? How much is it worth ?

This is the purpose of a valuation.

You may need this to satisfy your curiosity to know the value of the instrument before selling it, but also for insurance reasons, or as part of an inheritance.

In order to be able to make a valuation, it is necessary to have studied many instruments and recognize the features of different violin-makers from different periods and from different schools.

Wide sources of documentation and a good sense of observation are required.

Being present for many years at international trade shows has enabled me to create a network of priviliged contacts with many experts in several countries.

Do not hesitate to arrange an appointment at the workshop so we can study your instrument.

As a first step I will give you a qualified opinion, and if necessary I will find you the most suitable expert.